Training Add Ons

While your puppies and doggies are hanging out at HERO’s, we can incorporate a variety of training programs into their day. This is great for those families that have busy schedules that makes attending a training class with their pups and/or dog a bit challenging, or for those just wanting to reinforce good behaviours.

About Cindy

Cindy, who is co-owner of HERO’s, is also the owner of T&T Dogs Unleashed. She has many programs to meet the needs of her clients and is able to modify her programs to meet the needs of HERO’s clientele.

Our MISSION is to provide an environment that nurtures the nature of our dogs and provides them with the outlets they need to feel physically, mentally and instinctually content at days end. Its all about providing BALANCE to their day. We do this by selecting activities based on the dog’s individual instinctual (breed) needs, temperament, energy level and age.

We Offer:

Structured Stay / Train:

Designed to help your dog achieve behavioural wellness and balance by providing structure to meet their physical, mental and instinctual needs. For those dogs taking advantage of our training add-ons, either individually or in small groups, participate in structured exercises. These exercises can include:

  • Pack Walks – selected group of dogs
  • Treadmill – teaching your dog to walk on the treadmill
  • Ball Time – private one on one session 
  • Tug/Play – private one on one session 
  • Food Puzzles – fulfillment factor and mental stimulation 

Leash Walking Manners:

Struggling to enjoy your walk because your puppy/dog is pulling like a sled dog or dragging you like a bloodhound on a scent?! This program will improve your puppy/dog’s behaviours while on the leash. We will take the time throughout their daycare stay to include an individual walking session.

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