1. Dogs must be clean before getting in the pool. If your dog is not clean before you come in, they will be given a handheld shower rinse.
  2. If your dog is shedding, please ensure they are thoroughly brushed with no loose tuffs of hair visible.
  3. If your pet has a skin infection, urinary tract infection or diarrhea they cannot swim in the pool.
  4. Please ensure your pet has relieved themselves outside prior to swimming. If an “accident” happens, please inform the staff member immediately so it can be dealt with promptly and properly.
  5. Please do not feed your dog 1.5 hours before swimming.
  6. Dogs must be leashed and supervised at all times while on the pool deck/ramp.
  7. During therapy sessions, unless otherwise advised by the therapist no one else should be in the pool.
  8. If renting the pool, only 1 handler per dog is allowed in the pool.
  9. No dog or person is allowed to jump in the pool.
  10. All dogs swimming with a therapist or employee must be evaluated to ensure they are safe to swim before using the pool.
  11. Every person and dog (legal guardian of dog), swimming in the pool will be required to sign a liability wavier prior to swimming.